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30-Aug-2017 11:01

At that point the decision to retire New SID became obvious.

I realize that the news that it’s okay to have duplicate machine SIDs comes as a surprise to many, especially since changing SIDs on imaged systems has been a fundamental principle of image deployment since Windows NT’s inception.

I wrote New SID in 1997 (its original name was NTSID) because the only tool available at the time for changing machine SIDs was the Microsoft Sysprep tool, and Sysprep doesn’t support changing the SIDs of computers that have applications installed.

A machine SID is a unique identifier generated by Windows Setup that Windows uses as the basis for the SIDs for administrator-defined local accounts and groups.

If two machines have the same machine SID, then accounts or groups on those systems might have the same SID.

Instead of generating new random SIDs for these accounts, Windows ensures their uniqueness by simply appending a per-account unique number, called a (RID), to the machine SID.

The RIDs for these initial accounts are predefined, so the Administrator user always has a RID of 500: After installation, Windows assigns new local user and group accounts with RIDs starting at 1000.

Every process running in my interactive session, for example, has a copy of the token that they inherited originally from the process, the process Winlogon creates as the first of any interactive logon.

You can view the contents of a process’s token by double-clicking on the process in Process Explorer and switching to the Security page of the process properties dialog: When one of my processes opens an operating system object, like a file or registry key, the security subsystem executes a permission check that evaluates entries in the object’s access control list (ACL) that reference a SID included in the process’s token.This blog post debunks the myth with facts by first describing the machine SID, explaining how Windows uses SIDs, and then showing that - with one exception - Windows never exposes a machine SID outside its computer, proving that it’s okay to have systems with the same machine SID.

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