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28-Oct-2017 19:08

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So we stayed in our home mountain range, where we know the terrain very well.

On one of the more or less sunny days of last week we skinned up to the Gran Sertz (3552m) and enjoyed a wonderful descent on this stormy day.

By slowly walking thousands of vertical meters in the spring with the skis and climbing moderate but beautiful routes in the alpine, by running lonely mountain trails we reinstall our inner peace and restore the power to fulfill our yet unrealized dreams.

The weather proved to be a hard challenge in the last weeks.

So patience was on the schedule and the upper Haffner Cave was a good quiet place to keep the reflexes up.

We all send Caveman M10, the classic very steep Drytooling route, that has seen quite a bit of changes over the years.

We hit the ice right away with a surprisingly pleasant Ascent of Nemesis at the Stanley Headwall.

Virtual Reality is the next line we climb and also this one is in fun conditions compared to the real ones in November 2012 and November 2015.

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A search for " frozen windmills" starting on thin and brittle ice in Italy and ending on sun burned ice in Norway.We leave Lillaz and another trip to the Canadian Rockies starts.