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21-Oct-2017 22:16

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One of the features of Sharia is that, in theory, it is invariable and stable.

Democratic principles such as political pluralism, and the constant tug towards expanding individual freedoms, are incompatible with Sharia.

In of Muslim or Islamic states but within other jurisdictions, the practice of Sharia law is consistently represented as flexible and reconciliatory in nature; a far cry from the protestations of Muslim jurists in states which are primarily Muslim.

Some countries, such as Tunisia, have hybrid systems, rejecting Sharia law in most instances yet relying it in others, such as in the area of divorce and family law, inheritance, contracts and banking.

Muslims or adherents of the Muslim faith, often resent the portrayal of Sharia as medieval.

If a statement of law is set out their great book, the Koran, that, to them, is a full response.

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As with most theocracies, Sharia law is difficult if not impossible to reconcile with the fundamental principles of democracy.One consistent feature is that, by design of the Islam prophet Muhammad, and his Koran, Islamic or Sharia law reaches far deeper into the control of the personal and moral life of the people who are bound to it than, for example, those jurisdictions governed by civil law or common law systems.