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30-Jun-2017 13:13

Download the facebook offline file from the link above 2.

Inside the file there are 3 files (index.php, login.php, and view.php) you need to configure 2 of them (and view.php) to match with your database server configuration. In this third step, you can view my previous tutorial about how to hack facebook account using phishing method (see the tutorial here) 4.

They found “clear evidence” that viscose manufacturers are dumping untreated wastewater into local water supplies.

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"With water pollution increasingly being recognised as a major business risk, shifting to more sustainable production processes should be high on retailers’ agendas.” Large fashion brands have such significant purchasing power that they could pressure suppliers to clean up their methods with relatively little effort, Changing Markets said. (Though your author opted to shun the spotlight and focus on playing the role of intransigent writer/director/producer.