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27-Jun-2017 11:40

Embedded within Genetec’s unified interface, Synergis’ Badge Design and Issuance capabilities leverage an intuitive and graphical approach for your team to design and print badges.

With a granular set of user privileges and an advanced card request workflow, you determine who can create, view, print, and distribute badges.

To report a lost or stolen badge, please email the Credential Center at [email protected]

Please note: There are significant penalty fees for replacement of a lost, stolen or expired badge.

"A product like mii Card has the potential to become a ubiquitous global technology, much as Paypal has become an accepted utility for paying bills." - Microsoft Meet our Partners » Find out more on our blog or as a developer mii Card is a free service that puts you in control of your identity, taking the trust you already have with your online bank and the protection of strong authentication, to help you do everything from shopping, to proving your social accounts, trading on e Bay and even buying a house - entirely online.

mii Card lets you sign up to new services and verify your real identity without having to go offline, send in forms or scan in documents.

Develop Organizational Standards With the ability to create user-defined badge templates, you can now standardize the look and feel of all badges in line with your organization’s policies and branding.

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More than a solution to physically secure entry points into your offices and buildings, your Synergis™ access control system incorporates advanced badging capabilities to allow your organization to issue printed credentials to employees and visitors.