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04-Sep-2017 23:57

Messenger abounds from people who really should know better, even though that's not what is happening.

Though the desktop client is being taken out and shot today, Messenger will still work in your browser via Yahoo! You can even advance into the mid-2000s and download it as an app to your phone.

We even sent each other some 1990s-vintage smileys, just to be sure.

Meanwhile, in those parts of the world which haven't advanced, in IT terms, beyond the early 1990s, plenty of FUD about the “shutting down” of Yahoo!

Interestingly, Ship and Bunker says that Skype “does not appear to meet all the required compliance criteria” for the industry, implying that Yahoo! The IM service uses SSL to encrypt passwords upon login, but text messages and webcam streams still appear to be unencrypted.

Earlier this week El Reg reported that 200 million Yahoo! US telco Verizon is paying .8bn to buy the Purple Palace for itself.

When a user opens the app and enters their username (pictured left) they will be sent a push notification (pictured right).

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for named portal; also 3-5% of (#31) and (#191), which offer access to the same services and communication with the entire user pool through ru and love.subdomains Yes: Premium content like additional search criteria and double appearances in others' relevant searches for "VIP membership".

In 2011, Messenger 11 Beta began to archive past messages on an online server which is accessible through the client.

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It lacked some basic functions such as webcam support and Chat, and has since been discontinued.

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